‘Yes, I killed her’: Aaftab confesses to Shraddha’s killing, reveals gory details of murder to Delhi police

Shraddha Walkar was murdered by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala six months ago in May 2022

Aaftab was later arrested by the police and was questioned regarding the crime.

According to reports, Aaftab had strangled Shraddha after a heated argument on May 18 and had cut up her body in 35 pieces.

The accused later got rid of the pieces one by one over the course of several weeks, said police.

The accused also claimed that he doesn’t know any Hindi, and has only been answering questions in English till now.

Aaftab is in a lockup in Delhi’s Mehrauli and was taken to the jungle where he disposed of Shraddha’s body parts earlier today.

Aaftab revealed that he “sat on Shraddha’s chest” and strangled her to death.

He later hid her body in the bathroom of their rented home

Aaftab also revealed that he used a chemical called sulphur hypochlorite to wash off the blood in the apartment

He purchased a 300-liter refrigerator, where he stored her body parts after cutting them up.